社名でもある「Geograms Project」はGEOGRAPHY + PROGRAM(S)を合わせた造語です。日本の地理地形、自然景観(GEOGRAPHY)を鳥瞰視点で切り取り、インターネットへ記述(PROGRAM)していく事を目的としています。空撮を使って日本の新風景を掘り起こし、インターネットを通じて世界へと発信する試みを続けています。

オンネトー湯の滝 北海道足寄町





Located by ASHORO, Onneto Hot falls Tokachi Subprefecture, Hokkaido Japan.

A living mineral deposit, the epitome of earth activity. Ashoro-cho, Hokkaido, on the Onneto road, on the shore of an unexplored lake, is a hot waterfall derived from Akan Fuji, a volcano that has been active for 20,000 years

This place which has an end where the primeval forest of the foot of a female Mt. Akan passed is a natural manganese deposit which consists of the manganese ion included in hot water volumizing into the cliff of mineralization and andesitic by the workings of a fungus and an algae.

The hot waterfall that gushes out of the mountainside does not freeze even in the middle of winter. As a miraculous place created by nature, it continues to carve a history from the primordial era, transcending the seasons and times.


“Hymn” by Jonathan Barlow